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Our Approach

4Sight Partners' consulting approach is marked by the following principles:

  • Focus on linchpin, high-leverage issues. We believe in the 80/20 rule and the benefit of head-on tackling of the central seizable opportunities and avoidable dangers.
  • Building for the best while preparing for the worst. In these economic times, survival and growth require both bold innovation and careful risk management. We believe that rapid incremental experimentation and action learning can help meet these conflicting demands.
  • Holistic approach to problem-identification and the importance of aligning strategy, values, organization, systems and processes. After more than twenty-five years of consulting and executive experience, we have touched virtually every facet of business from governance to branding, from business development to organizational change, from human resources to technology.
  • Helping the client gain new perspectives on their situation. Often the most powerful lever for or barrier against success are the filters and paradigms we use to look at and interpret the world, our organization and ourselves. By examining our own perspectives and exposing ourselves to new information, to the approaches of others and to the powerful lessons of nature, we can enrich the options available to us and discern new paths forward.
  • Attention to both the broader, global drivers and individual psychology and to the connective organizational tissue that enables both corporate success in the marketplace and individual success in the organization
  • Empathy for the challenges of leadership. We've been there and are happy to share reflections and lesson from our own businesses successes and failures.
  • Strong team orientation and facilitation skills combined with a respect for the importance of unfettered debate and the need to hear and nurture individual expression
  • Full attention of the Partners. We are a small, customized firm. One of us is always the lead and the other provides support. Supplementary Associates and others are contracted as required.